Yes!  We see KIDS at Intown Smile Studio.  And, not only do we see children, we treat them as VIPs just like we treat you.  The convenience of your children having their cleaning appointment at the same time you have yours is one thing; convenient office hours that allow you to bring your children to the dentist without checking them out of school is another.  But, those aren’t the main reasons we enjoy seeing kids at Intown Smile Studio.  New scientific evidence shows us that if we deliver preventive progressive treatment to kids (starting when they’re infants), we can help ensure they stay cavity-free for life.  In addition, we understand how and why keeping your child’s mouth healthy can result in overall health benefits for a lifetime.

Cavities are 100% preventable for dr. susan estep- intown smile studioALL kids.  Even if Mom or Dad had “soft teeth” and was super cavity prone.  (Now, we can even change Mom and Dad’s adult teeth to stop getting cavities.)  It doesn’t take a lot of hard work to help ensure your kids stay cavity-free.  Honestly, it can be as simple as incorporating special rinses, toothpastes, and sometimes tasty chewing gum into your child’s daily routine.

We know that healthy teeth and gums are essential for total health and wellness.  That’s not only true for adults.  In fact, studies are revealing that optimizing your child’s oral health can pave the way to more ideal health for your child in the long run.

A Dentist Kids Love

At Intown Smile Studio, we offer an array of preventive and progressive care for children.  From our Children’s Learning Lab to early intervention orthodontics and tooth-friendly gum and candies, our services for kids are on the leading-edge of science, technology, health, wellness, and integrative children’s dentistry.

We get started young.  Dr. Estep recommends an infant oral exam around the age of 6 months.
This exam allows Dr. Estep to consult with new parents about an array of important topics from nursing, bottle types, and pacifiers to nutrition, airway conditions, and infant oral care.  This visit is equally (if not more valuable) to new parents, as they learn simple techniques to improve baby’s overall health and life.  In fact, if you’re expecting, 
schedule a free consultation with Dr. Estep.  She urges you to accept this gift.  This consultation will open your eyes to surprising information regarding your newborn’s development.

Dr. Susan Estep- Intown Smile StudioOur Intown Smile Studio team values our relationships with local specialist pediatric dentists. Often, we recommend a child alternate healthy visits between our office and a pediatric dentist.  Sometimes, a child who has severely decayed teeth, anxieties, or sensory difficulties needs the specialty care that only a pediatric specialist can deliver.  In these cases, Dr. Estep and her team work with parents to pair their child with the ideal specialist match.

At Intown Smile Studio, we offer simple conveniences for you and your family, but we believe it is our high-level, customized, and focused care for your child’s health and well-being that sets us apart from the rest.