Dr. Estep is a certified and experienced Botox provider.  Patients love the convenience of getting their Botox taken care of at their cleaning appointments.  Both services are usually enjoyed every 4-6 months, so it makes sense to many of our patients to save valuable time by enjoying both services at the same time.

Botox works by reducing the activity of the muscles of facial expression.  These muscles allow us to smile, raise our eyebrows, frown, pout, squint and wink.  The skin over the muscles sometimes bunch-up or wrinkle during these expressions.  The more of these expressions we make over a lifetime, the deeper these lines and wrinkles become.  At some point the lines are there even when we are not making the expression.  Botox acts like an eraser to these lines and wrinkles.  By minimizing the muscle activity, Botox minimizes the ability for the muscles to make the wrinkles, and the wrinkles go away.



Botox does not have to cause you to stop making expressions.  While some patients want to have their muscles truly “frozen,” many patients still want to be able to raise their eyebrows.  Dr. Estep customizes Botox treatment to meet the needs of each patient.

Contact us to schedule your Botox appointment, your cleaning appointment, or BOTH!