migraine-2Botox Is Now FDA Approved for Treating Migraines


Dr. Estep has success alleviating migraines as well as cluster headaches and tension headaches for many of her patients.

Migraines, cluster headaches, and tension headaches may cause several components of pain.  One major source of pain comes from the muscles of the jaw and the muscles around the temples.  When these muscles become involved, patients feel like a vice grip is crushing their head.  This is partly true as the muscles are hypercontracted and can’t relax.  Botox works by relaxing these muscles and removing the muscle-aspect of the pain.  For many patients this eliminates the migraine, cluster headache, or tension headache altogether.  For other patients, once the muscle aspect of the pain is alleviated, the patients feel comfortable enough to carry on their normal daily life activities.


If you are already Dr. Estep’s patient and it’s time for your Botox treatment, schedule a Returning Patient Botox for Migraines Appointment (45 min).  If you’re a new patient interested in Botox treatment for migraines, cluster headaches, or tension headaches, schedule a New Patient Botox for Migraines Appointment (90 min).