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Botox is FDA approved treatment for migraines.  I’ve been successfully using Botox to treat migraines and headaches for several years.  I have patients who had frequent migraines or headaches for 20 years before I treated them.  They tried every medication and exercise and practice advised by every kind of specialist under the sun.  Some of them laugh at me when I suggest that Botox might help them.  They’re willing to try it, and they don’t believe for one second that it’s going to work.  Imagine their surprise when, a month later, they realize they haven’t had a debilitating migraine or headache!  When the Botox starts to wear off after three or four months, they will literally beat down my door to get another treatment.  Imagine my delight when they tell me about the last few months living life without migraines or headaches.  

Dr. Susan Estep

Imagine how it feels to my patients who were once almost defined by their headaches, and they can now live more normally.  It’s no wonder, this is one of the services I so enjoy providing.

How does Botox work?

Dr. Susan Estep Intown Smile Studio.

Botox works the same on my headache patients as it does on my aesthetic patients.  To eliminate wrinkles, the Botox enters the small facial muscles and freezes the muscles so that the muscles can no longer create the wrinkles, lines, and folds.  To eliminate headaches, the Botox enters much larger chewing muscles reducing the muscle strength so that the muscles can no longer cause the vice grip that migraine- and headache-sufferers recognize as the source of pain.  These chewing muscles are very often associated with migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches.  Even if the muscles are not the sole source of pain, if the muscle-part of the headache is eliminated, many patients feel that the headache goes almost entirely away.

If you suffer from migraines, tension headaches, and/or cluster headaches and you want to find out if Dr. Estep’s Botox treatment can help you, contact us at (404) 381-8586 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Estep.

If you are already Dr. Estep’s patient and it’s time for your Botox treatment, schedule a Returning Patient Botox for Migraines Appointment (45 min).  If you’re a new patient interested in Botox treatment for migraines, cluster headaches, or tension headaches, schedule a New Patient Botox for Migraines Appointment (90 min).