laura_beaty_01A GREAT SMILE.  If you already have one, then you feel comfortable flashing it at any time.  You don’t think twice when you have your picture taken.  You make other people feel better just by showing it.  You appear to have more confidence than others.  And you don’t even realize it.

On the flip side, if you are not happy with your smile, you don’t like to have your picture taken.  When you laugh, you may cover your mouth so others won’t see your teeth.  You may come across as lacking confidence, or even unfriendly.  Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about your smile.  Maybe it’s time to take the simple steps to give you the gorgeous, natural-looking smile you always wanted and deserve.  Dr. Susan Estep has spent her career (15+ years) creating and delivering gorgeous smiles for her patients.  Dr. Estep spends several weeks every year attending the top cosmetic dentistry continuing education courses.  She invests her time and money to ensure she stays at the top of her profession.  She stays at the leading edge using advanced technology, materials, and methods.  She does all of this to ensure that YOU receive the best result for YOUR smile.

Smile technology has come a long way in the last decade.  Did you know that – in many cases – we can give you the perfect smile without having to drill your teeth down?   Did you know we can make your smile look beautiful without looking fake?

Smile Makeover

Dr. Susan Estep has performed thousands of Atlanta smile makeovers without using aggressive drilling of teeth.  She was nominated as “Best Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta” for 2016.  She has reached the highest level of competence by earning the title of Fellow in the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics.  She is voted Top Dentist in Cosmetic Dentistry year after year.  The editorial board of New Beauty Magazine selected her work to be featured 4 times in their national release.  She continues her education even after receiving credentials like these because she understands how rapidly technology is changing and improving.  And, she makes sure she delivers these improvements to her patients. The advances in just the last 5 years enable her to deliver results often without grinding or drilling your teeth.  So, if your dentist has not stayed in the game, he or she will have to significantly grind your teeth to enhance your smile.  Dr. Susan Estep is dedicated to delivering ideal results using minimally-invasive dentistry.  She does so in a pampering environment.  Her patients are thrilled with their smiles and enjoy their visits to Intown Smile Studio.

Intown Smile Studio has a talented team of experts in their positions and their profession.  We are dedicated to creating a positive, pampering environment for you whether you are having a complete smile makeover or a simple filling or cleaning.  Intown Smile Studio is a world-class, full-service dentistry practice with the team and talent in place to make every dental visit a positive experience for you.  And we don’t charge you extra for it.

It doesn’t have to take months.  You can have the smile of your dreams as quickly as you desire.  Others will notice your beauty and confidence, and your smile will look so natural they won’t even know you had work done on your smile.  Schedule a consultation to simply get started.  You will never again have to think about or deal with your smile concerns.  

Cosmetic Dentistry

As an Atlanta top cosmetic dentist, Dr. Susan Estep’s professional focus is to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.  She has spent her entire career studying, researching, and gaining the experience needed to become one of the nation’s top cosmetic dentists and one of the best cosmetic dentist in Atlanta.

It is important to understand that since there is no board-certified specialty in cosmetic dentistry, every dentist is allowed to use the title “cosmetic dentist.”  This creates a serious challenge for patients who are looking for an experienced, talented, skilled cosmetic dentist.  And, unfortunately, it causes people to end up in the care of dentists who don’t really know what they’re doing.  This is why you hear horror stories about painful procedures, sensitive teeth, and veneers popping off.

When asked to write what makes her different than all of the other Atlanta cosmetic dentists, Dr. Susan Estep explains:

“I’m not really sure if I chose this profession or if it chose me.  However, I realized early on how important it is for you to love your smile.  When people don’t like their smile, they close their mouth. When they close their mouth, their inner beauty often gets shadowed or cut off. Because I notice this, these things change for someone after they come to me. 

Another thing that sets me apart is my dedication to your health.  A lot of dentists will slap some veneers on your teeth, accept your large payment, and send you on your way without caring whether you want to get your mouth healthy or not.  I believe that beauty and health go hand in hand.  If your smile looks good but your mouth doesn’t feel healthy, then I have a big concern with that.  I want your smile to last a long time.  After all, you invested time and money to get your smile where you want it.  I work with my patients to make sure they have a healthy mouth AND the gorgeous smile they’ve always wanted.

Finally, something that I realized more recently in my career is that a lot of dentists and dental teams make patients feel guilty, embarrassed, or ashamed about the condition of their oral health.  Some might not have been to a dentist in several years.  Others may have never been to a dentist.  Everyone has different reasons for not going.  And when someone finally gets up the courage to go…we celebrate it. I love it when you come to see me.  We should be celebrating the courage it took for you to walk in my door.  So that’s what we do.  We celebrate you.  Unique you.  And we work together to achieve your goals, whether it’s to finally get your mouth healthy or to finally invest in improving your smile… or both!”

If you are looking for a caring, experienced, Atlanta cosmetic dentist  who keeps her focus on delivering excellence and achieving your customized needs and desires, click here to schedule a consultation with Dr.  Susan Estep.