Atlanta cosmetic dentist
Dr. Susan Estep: Owner

Our Intown Smile Studio Team is prepared to deliver the best dentist experience for all of our patients.  If you are looking for a first-class dentistry experience in Atlanta where you can rest assured your doctor and her team have the top skill, talent, experience, and expertise…look no further than Intown Smile Studio.  You can expect to receive the very best care in an extremely enjoyable environment.

If you have dental anxiety or have had bad dental experiences in the past, you should consider becoming a patient of Intown Smile Studio.  We have studied dental phobia to the point that we understand how to calm your fears and (yes, believe it or not) make you actually enjoy your dental visits.

Who We Are Not

We are not interested in putting poisonous mercury in your mouth…no matter what your insurance tries to dictate.  Nor are we interested in delivering any substandard care to any of our patients.  If your insurance plan insists that you receive substandard care, we will talk with you about better options for you.  And, we will do our best to work to optimize your insurance benefit, so you can receive first-class care along with insurance benefits.  And if your insurance plan will only allow you to receive substandard care, we will do our best to help you find better plan and/or insurance company.

We won’t look past a deadly infection in your mouth just because you don’t want to know about it.  However, we WILL work with you in every way (even including payment plans) to help you resolve the problems in your mouth.  We believe if you have a problem that could hurt you physically or medically, it’s our responsibility to tell you about it.  It’s up to you whether or not you seek treatment for it after that.

If you ask us to take shortcuts or lower our standard of care for you, we won’t.  We are a team made up of the best in our industry.  We are one of the top dentist teams in the nation, and we plan to stay on top.

We are not interested in treating you if you’re mean, if you act like a bully, or if your preferred method of communication is yelling and screaming.  We won’t do these things to you, either.  We WILL treat you with the utmost care and respect.