Susan Estep Atlanta DentistOur goal at Intown Smile Studio is to deliver an experience like NO OTHER DENTIST can deliver.  From the moment you walk into our practice, you will begin to see and feel the difference.  The warm welcome and pampering amenities alone will result in you actually enjoying going to the dentist.  But that’s not all.  Here are just a few things that distinguish the Intown Smile Studio team, and the care we provide:

 No Waiting

We have designed our practice so that you don’t have to wait.  We don’t even call our reception area a “waiting room”.  We understand that your time is your precious asset, and we work hard to make sure that we don’t cause you to have to wait.  If you believe time is money, you will see we save you this cost.

 Convenient Hours

It has become increasingly difficult to take time off from work or to take kids out of school for dental appointments.  That’s why we have hours from 7am to 7pm and some Saturday hours.

Convenient Location, Local Services, and Free Parking

If you’re driving or walking to us, our Midtown Atlanta location is convenient to the highway, Marta, the Beltline, and everyone working and living in Atlanta.  If you’re driving, we work to keep your appointment out of traffic hours.  To add to your convenience, we have several restaurants, salons, and a Publix in our building.  And, we have FREE PARKING in the parking deck!

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A New Era of Dentistry

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Total Wellness Dentistry

Just by simply being our patient, you have a great chance of improving your total health.  Our level of care takes into consideration your total health, and our dental treatment is custom designed for you.  Your custom treatment is designed to improve your mouth, teeth, and smile…and as a side effect…improve your total health.

Over the last decade, dentistry has been constantly changing and improving.  The improvements in techniques and technology offer you a much gentler, more comfortable dental experience.  We have shots that don’t hurt.  We practice minimally-invasive dentistry, which is a fancy way of saying we save your natural teeth instead of grinding them down.  We have technology that allows us to reverse early-stage cavities.  That’s right.  In some circumstances, if you have a cavity, we can help you grow your enamel back instead of drilling and filling your tooth!  We have alternative treatments for gum disease instead of the old-school deep cleaning and scraping.  We have new technology that can easily and comfortably straighten your crooked teeth in six months.

We NEVER put mercury in your mouth, and we offer metal-free fillings, crowns, and bridges.  We treat migraine headaches with Botox, and we have the most advanced teeth-whitening system on the market.  We use no-prep veneers (no-shaving-your-teeth) when patients want to really improve their smiles.  We partner with the top master ceramists in the country to ensure your smile makeover looks like the best smile in the country. intown smile studio- dr susan estep We invest in technology (like ultra-low-dose x-rays, Invisalign, and ozone therapy, just to name a few) that fully benefits you, our patient.  We use biological and holistic materials and treatments, and we pay attention to your total health and wellness.  Recent science shows that your mouth plays a HUGE role in your total health.   We equip ourselves with this knowledge so that we can help reduce your risks for heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, infertility, miscarriage, erectile dysfunction, acid reflux, cancer, sleep apnea, and more.  Our team is made up of a few dental nerds who are obsessed with learning, understanding, and practicing the very latest and best in dentistry.

Most dentists go to dental school for 4 years (where we learned how to place mercury fillings and where we didn’t learn why your new crown feels like it doesn’t fit), and then they just take the few required hours of continuing education needed to keep their license.  Most dentists don’t know how (or don’t care how?) to create a totally enjoyable, healthy, and comfortable environment and experience for you.
You’ll understand this better after your first visit.


Yes, we see kids.  And you won’t believe the serious difference we will make in your kids’ dental experience as well as their dental and total health and well-being.  Our Children’s Learning Lab, Early Intervention for Orthodontics, and Cavity Free for Life (no matter how bad mom or dad’s teeth genetics) are just a few benefits your kids can enjoy at Intown Smile Studio.

These are only a small handful of the things that set us above and beyond other dental teams.  To learn about the wide array of upscale services we provide contact us to schedule a first visit for you and your family.